"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it" - Salvador Dali


I discovered Salvador Dali's amazing art as a boy in high school, his creativity and drive astounded me. I have visited his gallery in Florida and his home in Spain, and one year during Movember I even dressed up like him. (I shaved it off that night!)

I don't paint like Dali, but I agree with him - perfection is not the point. Painting is the pursuit to capture some special places in life.

I’ve been in Port Hedland for around 30 years. Originally from Whangarei in New Zealand, Lil and I come from a country that is hilly and green, whereas here it is flat and red, so it’s a bit like Earth and Mars. And yet I love this Rusty Country! We meant to move on, but we got married, travelled, and came back here and started to have a family. Lil’s folks were here and it was of great value for the children to have their grandparents around.

For 15 years I was a manufacturing jeweller, an occupation for which I had trained in New Zealand, but currently I am a Pastor of a local church, C3 Church. 

Throughout my life, art and painting have remained a constant hobby, and I dedicate one day per week to spend doing artwork. I enjoy escaping into my art.

 My kids have grown up with me painting in the lounge on a big roll out blind, so I didn’t get the floor covered with paint. I tend to be a rather messy painter, almost all my clothes get paint on them, much to my wife’s angst. Now I have a studio.

I am mostly self-taught, learning through books, through practice, experience, and through teaching art. I started by trying to reproduce exact copies of what I was painting, but have been pushing away from reproducing photos. 

When I look at artwork, I love to see simplicity: simple but effective. I like to see that in art - something that looks easy, but at the same time, attracts the eye, and takes you to ‘that happy place’.

I am thoroughly enjoying the use of bold and sometimes unreal colour in my paintings. I feel like I am on the edge of balancing bold colours with images that exude light.

Currently my goals are to become better at painting water, to teach art online, and to become a travelling artist, painting and teaching around Australia and the globe. (so go away Covid!)

Kind regards, David