Painting Sizes

Here are a few rooms with the paintings in-situ, to give you an idea on size, and how they might look. When hanging any painting, always try to have good light on it, my preference is for mini spotlights aimed at the artworks.

The Prize by Size List is below, Australian Dollars shown.


30x40cm / 12x16" - This size is $390

30x40cm / 12x16"



30x40cm / 12x16" - This is the same size, also $390



40x50cm / 16x20" - This size is $590



60x76cm / 24x36" - This size is $1290

60x76cm / 24x30"




100x100cm / 40x40" - This size is $2900

100x100 / 40x40"


Price by Size List